Middle name: Denise. Birth month: May. DeniseMay.

Middle name: Denise. Birth month: May. DeniseMay.

First things first: who am I, and what is this? My name is Stephanie. As stated in the title of this post, my middle name is Denise, and I was born in May. I have a small shop by the name of DeniseMay Creations on Etsy that opened in July, and is growing faster than I ever dreamed. I specialize in infinity scarves, seasonal wreaths, and more.

It isn’t my plan to make this blog solely about the things I make to sell. I am a Mommy, Wife, and Educator. Crafting follows me into all aspects of my life, and I hope to use this blog as a way to document the cool DIY things I come across, and occasionally let you all know about happenings around my shop. A very special lady has a big 2nd birthday in a few months, so I have plenty of pink goodness coming your way!

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